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Our experience lets you put your attention on the part of your business that makes you money: giving your customers the best products.

Flat-Rate FBA Prep
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FBA Experience
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Why do you need our help?

To Save Time

You are responsible for running a business with numerous responsibilities. By utilizing our services, you will be relieved of much of the tedious preparation work. No longer must you wait for your inventory or deliver goods.

You can concentrate on sourcing products that your consumers would enjoy, and we will ensure that they fit Amazon's packaging and shipping requirements. All of this is completed within 24 to 48 hours so that you are not left scrambling for time to process your inventory.

To Save Money

Inventory management from home is difficult. We wish to assist you in reclaiming your living space. You will no longer need to buy and store packing materials or hire workers to prepare your inventory.

We provide straightforward pricing with no hidden fees or setup costs. We have built ties with the leading shipping providers, thereby saving you time and money when coordinating pickups and deliveries. We can transport to a big number of Amazon storage facilities at possibly reduced rates due to our central location.

To Have Peace of Mind

When selecting services for your business, we feel that peace of mind is more important than saving time and money. We make ourselves easily accessible to our clients by phone and email.

Your merchandise is professionally wrapped in accordance with Amazon's stringent criteria, so you can rest easy. Consider your company to be too small to profit from this service. We do not require a minimum order quantity. As an added benefit, you will receive email updates during the entire preparation and shipment process, so you will always know where your products are.

Prevent the Prepping Headache.
Let Us Be Your Guide.

Purchase Products from Suppliers

It makes no difference if you concentrate on Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, Private Label, or Wholesale (even Amazon Returns). We are able to prepare your products regardless of the size of the order. We welcome orders from abroad. We can also accept shipping containers and pallets. Contact us to discuss large purchases made to order. At this time, we cannot accept liquidations.

Ship Your Products to Us

Upon shipping your product please include your company name.

342W 4th ave. Conshohoken PA 19428

We Receive Your Products at Our Warehouse

We verify and count your products upon arrival to guarantee they satisfy Amazon's quality standards. If there are any products that do not fulfill these requirements, we will send you an email with photographic evidence. Your items will be stored for free for up to 14 days.

Prepping Your Products

Your products will be tagged, polybagged, and bubble wrapped within 24 to 48 hours (as necessary). Through Seller Central or Inventory Lab, your stock will be listed on Amazon. Your purchases will then be packaged, given shipping labels, and dispatched to Amazon's warehouses.

Your Shipment is delivered to Amazon

Once the item has left our warehouse, you can log in to seller central for updates on the package's arrival to Amazon. The entire process is just that straightforward.

Our Services

Amazon FBA Prep

FBA prep is the process of getting your inventory ready to send into Amazon. It mainly focuses on the packaging and labeling of items but some sellers, especially those importing goods, also include an inspection of their inventory.

Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the critical task of assembling the order and shipping it off to the customer, plus the supporting processes that support those tasks.

Storage Warehousing

storage warehouse means a facility for the storage of furniture, household goods, or other commercial goods of any nature.

Virtual Assistance

An Amazon Seller virtual assistant is someone who works remotely to ensure that your Amazon Seller account is in great shape. They can take care of time consuming tasks including listing products on your store, responding to customer queries and concerns, and doing daily Amazon Seller Central upkeep.

Product Photography

Product images play an integral part in nurturing sales for your business. But they also contribute to customer satisfaction. It's important to carefully choose the right leading image for each Amazon listing. This photo appears in search results and is the first thing potential customers see.

One on One Coaching

Our coaches love talking about business and Amazon PPC strategies. Your coach offers feedback on existing campaigns, assigns homework for maximizing your account's optimization, and helps focus your next point of prioritization.

Selling for Brands, Delivering for Customers

Webox expertise across all channels enables it to elevate your brand and increase your revenue.


  • Oa/ Ra

  • wholesale/ private label

  • Order fulfillment

  • FBA

Sign-Up Fee $30

Basic Prep - $1.5

  • Receiving
  • Inspection (Damage and Expiration Date )
  • FNSKU Label
  • Shipping Label and Poly Bag
    (4’x6, 6x14, 8x 10, 11x13 x 14 x20)

XL large additional + $.25

20’ x24 24 x 32’

Bundle Prep - $2.5

  • Receiving
  • Inspection (Damage and Expiration Date )
  • FNSKU Label
  • Shipping Label and Poly Bag
    (4’x6, 6x14, 8x 10, 11x13 x 14 x20)


Storage per cubic ft. $1.50
Fragile Item - $3.00 per unit (includes bubble wrap)
Price Sticker removal $ .25 per unit (if requested by client)
Shoes - $3.00 (inspected)
Shoebox (Generic) $3.00 for shoes with damaged box)
Oversize item with 12 “ $2.00 per unit
Oversize item with 18” $3.00 per unit
Oversize item with 24 inches up $5.00

Other fees:
Return Items to Supplier or Client - per unit cost clients pays for the return label $.50 per box

Fulfilled by Merchant FBM

Unit shipped $3.50 includes inspection, box and shipping label

Free 15 days inventory storage

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